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Most of us think about vitamin C as the “immune vitamin.” Vitamin C certainly plays a vital role in immune function and several other essential body functions. New research demonstrates that vitamin C improves cognitive function.

The study involved 214 healthy young adults who had inadequate vitamin C blood levels. Participants were then given vitamin C at a dose of 500 mg twice daily for 4 weeks or a placebo. Compared to placebo, the vitamin C group had significantly improved work attention and work motivation, which improved performance on cognitive tasks that required sustained attention.

Food Sources of Vitamin C

Red pepper

Orange juice/oranges



Green Pepper


Brussels sprouts

While vitamin C deficiency is not common in America, suboptimal levels can impact one’s health. Some reasons why one may be low in vitamin C:

Alcohol consumption

A diet that has inadequate fruits and vegetables or restricted diets


Type 1 diabetes

Inflammatory bowel disease


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