Forever Young Radio Show

Melody Martorana has enjoyed being part of the Wellness Industry for over 18 years and is a self-professed “vitamin geek”. 

She started out as the National Sales Manager of a supplement and skin care company that sold only “clean, additive-free” formulas.  In over 5 years there, she was surrounded by highly educated mentors, soaking up their wealth of knowledge on nutritional science and the benefits of additive-free formulations. 

Coming from outside of the industry, she’d taken supplements all her life but hadn’t fully understood the impact that choosing the right forms of nutrients could have…and she realized that most people outside of the Wellness Industry were also “in the dark”.  Armed with insider knowledge, she became passionate about sharing it with others.

As she developed into an educator, she also pursued more knowledge with which to help others and became a licensed Esthetician. 

In 2009, she went to work for the “source” and became a part of an additive-free supplement manufacturing company.  Here, she developed an even deeper understanding of what it truly meant to produce “quality” supplements from beginning to end.  Today, Melody works in the positions of Executive Director and Director of Product Development, working directly with raw material suppliers and customers alike.

She loves the opportunity to connect with health food stores and fellow supplement fanatics from all over the country.  She finds extreme gratification in the opportunity to help “turn the light on” for those seeking answers and support in their quest for better health. 

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