Forever Young Radio Show

We have a great show planned for you and will cover The ECS system and inflammatory load.

Guest: Maggie Frank has spent 20 years in the Health and Wellness industry. She found her passion at 21 while living and traveling the Mexico coast for 2 years on a sailboat. On that adventure, she lived off whole foods, found healthy ways to manage stress and got off her medications. She experienced total health and vitality for the first time in her life; overcoming chronic asthma and eczema, gained control over her mental health.

Through her transformation she became keenly aware that the processed food and 3 prescriptions she had been taking, hadn’t been helping. Inspired to learn why, she started to read everything she could about health and fitness.

Once she returned to the states, she got a part time job at a health food store called Henry’s (now Sprouts), while she studied to become a personal trainer. Her part time job turned into a full-time position. She loved the opportunity to learn about nutrition and supplements while working with customers to regain control over her health. After a chance meeting with the owner of Vibrant Health, she was asked to educate as their National Educator, where she traveled the US, inspiring people to heal holistically.

Four years later, she joined the CV Sciences team where she
shares her knowledge of the Endocannabinoid System and
her love of hemp and phyto-cannabinoids.

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