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Many of us are struggling with low immune function, digestive upset,
decreased energy, skin issues and many other challenges. So why not
get started on a healthier path today with Aloe Vera? Aloe vera contains
many vitamins and minerals that are vital for proper growth and function
of all body systems.

Guest: Today I am honored to be joined by Health Mentor, Karen Masterson Koch.
Karen helped me all those years ago (20+ years) get bitten by the health bug when I
was struggling in my own health journey. Karen is a Clinical Nutritionist, Health
Educator, Author, and the founder of Aloe Life. Aloe Life has been a respected brand for
over 30 years.

It’s been a mainstay for me, and my family. There is a BIG difference in Aloe Vera found
in the marketplace and today we will share with you as a consumer and why you would
want to opt for a science backed brand like Aloe Life.

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