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Consider the following scenario: you are someone who puts in the effort to get a good night’s sleep – perhaps you even get a full 8 hours each night – yet you still find yourself fatigued; or maybe you are someone who no matter how much work you put into eating “clean” or healthy, staying on top of your daily tasks and hobbies seems to take a little too much out of you. If this is the case, you might want to consider incorporating this powerhouse of an ingredient into your diet: seaweed.

When taken in moderation, seaweed can help you to feel revitalized and ready to tackle whatever the day ahead has in store. 

Seaweed benefits have literally been life-saving at different times in history. Seaweed extracts were used to relieve respiratory irritation in soldiers exposed to poisonous gas during World War I, and so-called Irish Moss (red algae found along North Atlantic coastlines) was used to make bandages when cotton ones ran out. Earlier, it was one of the few foods to sustain survivors of the Irish Potato famine.

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