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Ep 393 Fortify Your Immune Response with Superfoods from the Sea.

In this episode we covered ways to help Optimize Your Immune Response
with Arming the Body’s Defenses with Superfoods from the sea.

Looking for ways to fortify your Immune System? If so, Seaweed may be
the help you’ve been looking for. You already know how to eat your daily
servings of vegetables, but when was the last time you gave any thought
to your sea vegetables? Seaweed is full of healthy nutrients that can help
benefit your health and possibly even prevent disease.

Sea plants are a natural source of essential:


In our Opinion It is best to use a blend of them in supplements as
seaweeds contain various nutrients and phytonutrients used by many
systems of the body.

Sea Veg® contains all-natural & vegan, bio-available vitamins & minerals,
from their proprietary blend of 12 Species of nutrient-rich sea plants that
include vegetable Iodine, Omega-3, Omega-6, fucoidan & more!

All gluten-free with no fillers – A full-spectrum supplement!

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