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You probably give your liver little thought, but your liver is a multitasking miracle, filtering toxins, working with your immune system to fight off infection and storing and releasing nutrients from food so that your body can access and use them to function.

The second-largest organ in your body, your liver has some 500 critical jobs. “Your liver removes all toxins, clears medication from your body and breaks down all your food,”.

It also adjusts cholesterol levels, builds proteins, and makes bile, which helps you absorb fats, stores sugar for when you really need it and regulates hormone levels. For your liver, that’s all in a day’s work.

If you don’t protect and nurture your liver, it can become overtaxed and have a negative impact on the body. Liver disease is on the rise—30 million Americans suffer from some sort of liver disease mainly because liver disease is silent.

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