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Health Expert and Master Educator, Dr. Ross Pelton is a pharmacist, 
clinical nutritionist, and health educator. Ross has authored numerous books 
and for decades, he has taught continuing education programs that help healthcare 
professionals utilize and integrate natural medicine into their practices. 

Dr. Pelton, who is also known as The Natural Pharmacist,  was named as one of 
the Top 50 Most Influential Pharmacists in the United States by American Druggist 
magazine  for his work in natural medicine. 

In 2014, Ross left pharmacy and joined Essential Formulas as their Scientific 
Director,  which is a career shift that has enabled Ross to become a Microbiome 

Dr. Pelton is passionate about providing health information for everyone’s personal 
journey  “to get  well and live well”.  Today’s interview is “Skin Dysbiosis: 
How to Protect Your Skin Microbiome”. 

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