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Help Heal Yourself from Cancer with Dr. Sears

My friend William Sears, MD, and his wife Martha Sears, RN, both cancer survivors, have recently released an excellent book on the best nutritional approaches for preventing and treating cancer. The book is titled: Help Heal Yourself from Cancer: Partner Smarter […]

Benefits of Fermented Foods

The consumption of fermented foods has gained much popularity in recent years. However, the use of fermented of foods is nothing new. There is a long history of human production of fermented foods. The original use of fermented foods was […]

The Gut & Skin connection.

Eczema, also known as atopic dermatitis, is characterized by dry and itchy skin. There are different types of eczema, and it can affect people of all ages. Up to 25% of children and 10% of adults in the United States […]

Eggs….. Good or Bad?

The controversy about eggs and their relationship to heart disease has been ongoing for decades due to conflicting studies. Are eggs problematic in terms of heart disease risk? A new study has shed light on this subject. Published in the […]

Thyroid Under Attack????

Here is the all-too-common scenario. A patient is feeling tired, putting on weight easily, and may feel down mentally and emotionally. The patient goes to their doctor and has a general blood test done. The results show hypothyroidism, which is […]

Autoimmune Diseases

There has been an alarming uptick in the frequency of autoimmune diseases in the American population.  Approximately 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disease, and it is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in female children and […]

Live Healthier with this Diet

What is the healthiest country in the world? Many studies suggest the healthiest country is Spain. In 2019, Spain surpassed Italy as the world’s healthiest country. This result is not surprising given the typical diet in that region, which is […]

Headaches and Magnesium

Do you suffer from tension-type or migraine headaches? If so, has your doctor recommended magnesium supplementation as a primary way to prevent your headaches? If not, you should be aware that many studies suggest a relationship between magnesium deficiency and […]

Ways to Support Your Stress Glands.

How do you handle physical, emotional, and mental stress? If not, well you may need a stress gland recharge! The World Health Organization states that “stress: is the “Health Epidemic of the 21st Century.” The ability to respond to stress in […]